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Come see ust in Columbus on April 3rd. The Powerhouse Brewery won't know what hit 'em!


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Hey there, everybody! 2015 started strong with a great crowd at the Chilly Water Brewing Company on January 23rd. If you haven't been to this brewery, treat yourself to a fine selection of brewed beers and tasty music. We will be playing here again in May and July, along with some other great establishments and events.


Joe & Paul Dugan grew up in Columbus Indiana; a small town in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana where Acoustic music is rich and abundant.

Born into a family of eight children, music was a driving force behind their The Dugan Brothers Band at St. Luke's Fall Festival, Summer 2013daily existence. Joe & Paul's Grandmother, Margaret Jean Dugan, played organ at Mass every Sunday & thankfully passed the musical "torch" down to the next generation. Their older brother Mike, a classically trained piano player, put instruments in their hands at an early age & helped them discover the world of music as they know it today.

Tom Baker was born and raised in Richmond, IN. Born into a musical family, Tom’s influences in Gospel & Blues were forged early in his childhood through his grandfather, James Whitley, a Southern Baptist minister. Tom’s been playing live music locally for over 40 years. His musicianship & steady rhythm continue to be the driving force behind the band.

The influence of Acoustic/ Americana Music runs deeply in the Dugan family. Perhaps it's no coincidence that Columbus is located just miles from Bean Blossom; also considered by many as the home of Bluegrass Music. 2011 was the 100 year Celebration of Bill Monroe.

We feel privileged & honored to share our music with you.

Sincerely, The Dugan Brothers Band